Live QA Session Presenter Guide

Live QA Session Presenter Guide

The year of 2020 is indeed destined to be an unprecedented year full of turbulence and challenges. Due to COVID-19, ACM Multimedia 2020 is forced to be held in a 100% online format for the first time in its long history. With this constraint, it is clear that it is not possible to work out a perfect solution so as to accommodate every conference participant from all different time zones. In consultation with the SIGMM Executive Committee, the Organizing Committee of MM2020 has adopted a principle to accommodate as many attendees as possible from different time zones during the main conference events. You can find our temporary program schedule at

Important: There are three types of programs in the virtual conference:

  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Main conference single track live sessions
  • Live question and answering (QA) sessions

All these will be embedded (as video playing window or link) in the one-stop conference app: Whova. You can either download Whova Mobile App (search "Whova" in the App Store on your iPhone or in Google Play on your Android phone), or you can use Whova Web App. The Whova App will be enabled before the conference (hopefully around two days before the conference starts). Please use your email for conference registration to register Whova app account, and ACM Multimedia 2020 will be automatically shown in your Whova app. If you have not registered to the conference, please register ASAP.

About Whova app: Please watch this short video to get to know the main features of Whova, and read the attendee guide of Whova.

This guide is for the presenters of the Live QA sessions. We have the following key points to highlight as you prepare your presentations:

  • 1. First, thank you for preparing and uploading a pre-recorded video to present your paper/demo/tutorial (if you have not submitted your video, please contact the local/online chairs asap, unless you don’t want to show a video together with your paper, which we don’t recommend). All pre-recorded videos will be published online for on-demand streaming. No time slot will be allocated for showing these videos. All participants are encouraged to watch the video presentations before going to the corresponding live Question and Answer (QA) sessions.
  • 2. Two mirrored live Q&A sessions will be scheduled for each paper (for main conference regular papers and tutorials) or each session (for some main conference tracks). The idea about the live Q&A session is like an in-person poster presentation, which allows a direct interaction between the interested attendees and the authors. You can get the session arrangement here now, and in Whova App when it is enabled.
  • 3. We also recommend you prepare a one-page slide to introduce your work to the attendees joining in your live sessions, and are prepared to answer their questions.
  • 4. You can find your assigned time slots in the program, and their zoom links will be published later in the conference portal (in both Whova Mobile App and Web App). We urge you do not share the zoom links outside the portal as it may expose your sessions to a zoom-bombing risk.
  • 5. As a presenter, we suggest you join zoom meeting using Zoom standalone App or Web App, and right before your session start, please use the “Host Key” (which we will send to you via email) to become the host of the zoom meeting (which allows you to manage attendees, such as mute other attendees).
  • 6. We also suggest you join in the assigned zoom session 15 minutes prior to the start of the time slot so the attendees will be able to see the authors immediately after the session starts. And just in case if you encounter any problem, you still have time to ask Support team to solve it in time.
  • 7. You may find the session is still occupied by the last group of participants. You may remind them of the next session once it starts. When your session starts, you can share your screen with the one-page slide in Zoom thus all attendees (including the presenter of previous session) know it’s the time for your session.
  • 8. The two live Q&A sessions will cover most of time zones, and this will give all attendees over the globe the opportunities to interact with the authors. We understand this will put additional burdens on you, and we hope you and your co-authors will be able to arrange different shifts for the two sessions.

Again, we are grateful for your contributions to the ACM Multimedia 2020, and we hope you will have an enjoyable experience on the virtual conference. If you have any questions, please let us know.

ACM Multimedia 2020
Organization Committee
Last Update: Oct 8, 2020