Draft Full Program

Draft Full Program

The year of 2020 is indeed destined to be an unprecedented year full of turbulence and challenges. Due to COVID-19, ACM Multimedia 2020 is forced to be held in a 100% online format for the first time in its long history. With this constraint, it is clear that it is not possible to work out a perfect solution so as to accommodate every conference participant from all different time zones. In consultation with the SIGMM Executive Committee, the Organizing Committee of MM2020 has adopted a principle to accommodate as many attendees as possible from different time zones during the main conference events. Three guidelines were adopted in the design of the online conference program:

  • All pre-recorded video will be published online for on-demand streaming. No time slot will be allocated for showing these videos. All participants are encouraged to watch the video presentations before going to the corresponding live Question and Answer (QA) sessions.
  • All single-track programs are scheduled during the “golden four hours” (when 2/3 of the world is awake!). This is consistent with other major online conferences. To be exact, we will use EDT (UTC-4) 9:00-13:00 as the golden time slot. It will be 6:00-10:00 US West/Seattle, 21:00-01:00 Beijing time and UTC 13:00-17:00. Under this arrangement, people from Asia will be staying up a bit and US West people need to get up earlier a bit, while most other parts of the world will be fine. And, we have to say sorry to people from Australia…
  • Mirrored QA sessions will be arranged for all paper and demo presentations. That is, each paper will have two QA sessions for participants from different time zones. These sessions will start one hour after the end of the single-track program each conference day. The interval between the two mirrored sessions is 10 hours.

Based on three guidelines, almost all presenters in the QA sessions shall need to be present for one “good” time slot and another “bad” time slot. QA sessions so designed would allow attendees from different time zones to participate fully at MM2020.

Please check the draft full program here.

You may use your paper ID or title to search in the PDF file to find the time arrangement of your paper. Please note that the session/paper list for main conference regular papers and grand challenges papers are in separate tables in the same PDF file. Well-formatted full program will be available soon in Whova and also here as web pages.